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Dave Vamfer's live performances have included more than 80 different songs. The song he has performed most is his own 'So Happy'. His second most performed song is 'Thing we Said Today' (The Beatles). These are followed by 'I'm A Believer' (Neil Diamond/The Monkeys), 'The First Cut Is The Deepest' (Rod Stewart/Cat Stevens), then 'Moondance' (Van Morrison). 

Newham Festival - London 1989

Gallop at Newham Festeval 4 - join.jpg
23Oct14 David at Newham Festival 4.jpg
Gallop - David & Moses sq mir5.jpg

Tom Allen Theatre,

London 1990

Dave vamfer with Gallop.j Stratford, London, 1988
Dave Vamfer, Piccadilly, 2004
Dave Vamfer, Cabaret, Piccadilly 2004

Piccadilly, London 


Video Stills - 'Waiting A Lifetime, version 1' -2009

Stills from Waiting A Lifetime video version 1 - 2009

Hythe 2011 3.JPG

Hythe, Kent  2011

Dave Vamfer Sandgate, Kent, 2012

Royal Norfolk, Sangate, Kent -  2012

Dave Vamfer Folkestone 2014

Cheriton Community Network - Kent

2013 & 2014

Dave Vamfer, Folkestone, Kent, 2013

Deco 5, Whitstable, Kent 2015

Town Centre, Folkestone, Kent, 2015

Studio session 2015

St Mary's Field 15Aug15-4.JPG
St Mary's Field 15Aug15-3.JPG

St Mary's Field, Folkestone, Kent  2015

Cheriton Community Network - Kent, 2017

Cheriton Community Network, Kent, 2022

Tabernacle 21Feb24-2.jpg

Tin Tabernacle Hall, Hythe, Kent, 2024

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