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BWE reprise tops, & 8 more Tricks of Life Medley Reviews

Because We're Ending reprise has taken over as Dave Vamfer's most played song on Spotify, & 8 more magazines have reviewed Tricks of Life Medley. 'With uplifting themes, hopeful sentiments and catchy refrains, Tricks of Life Medley is a very pleasant change from all the darkness in our world right now'. - Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros closer, NoHo Arts magazine.

'..the name of the game is optimism. Upbeat and uplifting, it's hard not to compare Dave's style and feel to Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney.... it's hard not to get excited by this taste of tunes'. - by The Painted Man for Farsighted Magazine.

'The songs are reflective and thought-provoking. The vocals and lyrics ooze the optimism you usually find in Paul McCartney songs...The uplifting melodies and jangly guitars perfectly compliment Vamfer's soft and calming sound'. - music review in Jazz.U magazine.


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