• David Reggie Phillips

My two new singles for 2022

Having not released any music during 2021, I’m pleased that my two new singles of 2022 are doing ok. ‘Tricks of Life Medley’ (released 23 March) passed 1k Spotify plays within a week of release, while my other 2022 single ’Keep On Coming edm’ had clocked up over 7k plays by the end of March.

‘Tricks of Life Medley’ is a medley of three songs I wrote for my forthcoming album ‘Tricks of This Life’. In fact, I’ve only completely finished writing one of these three songs. Happily, I have completed writing the other five songs and two instrumentals that will comprise the album.

As the title suggests ‘Keep On Coming edm’ is an EDM version of ‘Keep On Coming’, which appears on my first album.

March was a pretty good month for me on Spotify. 2.6k listeners played my tracks over 14K times with over 900 saves. ‘Jingles Bells Xmas’ (released Nov 2020) had doubled its’ total plays during Xmas 2021 to become my second most played track to date. However, after a considerable increase in plays, mostly in Australia, ‘Because We’re Ending reprise’ overtook it during March.

I'm currently working on two new albums – my second album of original songs as mentioned above, and my first album of cover songs. Both are progressing ok but there’s a lot left to do. It would have been more sensible to finish one before starting the other, but I didn't.