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Happy to Blue in
3 minutes 24 seconds
Some information about how Dave feels about his songs & what they are about appears in the lower  part of the  


Dave's full current discography can be heard on         Spotify,
Deezer, and various other platforms.  A selection of Dave Vamfer's songs are on the songs page of this site:
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Tricks of Life Medley.jpg

Tricks of Life Medley -  Single 23 Mar 2022


Keep On Coming edm -  Single 7 Jan 2022

Corona Blues.jpg

Corona Blues -  Single 27 Dec 2020

Moon new Nov 2018.jpg

Find The Sound  -  Album 18 Jun 2020

Jingle Bells Xmas 2022.jpg

Jingle Bells Xmas - Single17 Nov 2020

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Dark Dawn Blues - Single Edit 18 Jun 2020

IFTAP-round single 1425sq-CP.jpg

If There's A Purpose? - Short Ver. 18 Jun 2020