Dave Vamfer is a UK singer-songwriter who is happy to use whatever style is best for each song. He will often combine styles, for example his 'Because We're Ending' is a melodic angst ballad set to a Hip-hop beat. Styles Dave uses include rock, house, pop, reggae, samba, euro-dance, blues, folk, jazz and EDM.

Dave Vamfer should be on your playlist and in your ears.  It is not only such a unique way to think about life lyrically but a new way of hearing it presented through this music. -  Joshua Macala,  'Raised on Cassettes'

'The songs are filled with wisdom, and a unique vocal and lyrical approach that will stand the test of time'. - 'IndependentArtistsBuzz'. 


'Reflective and peppered with wisdom, Vamfer‘s vocal and lyrical approach echoes the enduring optimism of Paul McCartney'.  -  Kath Galasso, 'On Stage'

'The songs are reflective and thought-provoking. The vocals and lyrics ooze the optimism you usually find in Paul McCartney songs...The uplifting melodies and jangly guitars perfectly compliment Vamfer's soft and calming sound'. -  'Jazz.U' magazine.

'From the very open the release wastes no time to get started. The songs builds themselves up into a sense of true joy which has you captivated right from the start. Vamfer's vocals have a commanding presence for it holds nothing back. His lyrics still possess that sense of beauty about it, just as fresh as it was when it was first penned'. - Emily Hinde, 'The Indie Source'.