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Dave Vamfer is a singer-songwriter who is happy to use any musical style that works for his songs. Dave loves music and loves to sing, record and write songs - he sometimes feels compelled to write songs. (Dave also writes short stories). Dave's aim is to make music that engages people, that is enjoyed, appreciated and timeless.

Dave learned to play the guitar as a teenager and has been a keen amateur musician and songwriter ever since. Dave's musical journey started playing bass guitar in a rock band before leaving school (he occasionally lent the bass he had at that time to Steve Gee of Landmarq). Dave went on to become the lead singer and guitarist in the London based band 'Gallop' which had a line-up of guitar, bass, sax and drums. Since 'Gallop' broke-up Dave has continued as a solo artist, he has occasionally teamed with other musicians in a duo or trio for live performance.

Dave was born in London where he lived until he moved to his present location in Folkestone, Kent, UK. Dave Vamfer is a 'stage name' devised by Dave because his real name 'David Reggie Phillips' is not unique enough to stand out in social media or the music business.

​Dave's repertoire includes rock, house, pop, blues, samba, reggae, bluegrass, jazz, ballads, folk, and EDM. He sometimes combines styles, for instance 'Because We're Ending' is a melodic angst ballad against a Hip-hop beat.

​It was not until Dave took early retirement that he found the time to set about making quality recordings of his music. This resulted in his first album 'Find The Sound', which was published in 2020. Dave has also released several singles. Dave now concentrates on recording and writing, he rarely plays live anymore. He is currently working on his second album.

"Vamfer's vocals have a
commanding presence"

                                                             - The Indie Source

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