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I've Been shot!

I had a photo-shoot last month. The main reason I had it is that I don't seem to be getting any younger. This is a puzzle to me as I recently applied for a job at MI5 (in the hope that it would advance my chances of becoming the next James Bond).

Anyway  after the tests their psychiatrist told me that my brain is equivalent to that of an average 10 year old. I just can't understand why my body isn't regenerating like my brain is. MI5 haven't got back to me about the job yet but I'm hopeful as I once knocked several prizes off a shelf at a fairground shooting gallery. I achieved this be accidentally shooting the man behind the counter in the ankle, he knocked the prizes off the shelf as he fell, still it's the result that counts.

Back to the photo-shoot. It took place at Hythe in Kent, UK. It was kindly undertaken by two photographic groups, both from Shepway U3A. It started with me posing for portrait photos with my guitar, then went on to my performing three songs on stage while action shots were taken. I'm very pleased with the results, two of the pictures appear on this blog. The left photo is by Angie Whalebone and the right photo is by Dave McCombe. Other photos from the shoot appear on my website  in the slide-show on the 'About' page', and also at the bottom of the 'Performance Gallery' page. There are also a few on the 'about' section of my Spotify page (click on the main image to open other photos).

I'm still on track to release an EP of cover songs in May.

Thanks for reading.

Best wishes.

Dave Vamfer


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