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From Horse Riding to Cover Songs

Only a few days left of 2023, it has passed so quickly. Sadly the Russian - Ukraine war has continued. The Hamas - Israel conflict has been, and continues to be, very bloody. Many civilians, including children, have been killed or seriously injured in both wars, and their seems to be no end in sight for either. A peaceful  2024 would be so nice.

Picture is me horse riding in Spain many years ago. I actually picked figs from a tree and ate them without dismounting.  Luckily the horse was very placid. Falling off a horse may be easy, but I fear that falling without injury wouldn't have proved quite so easy.

I've only had one release in 2023, a new version of 'New Year's Song'. Not totally different from ‘'New Year's Song EDM’ which I released in 2022 and then withdrew as I decided I could make a better version. The new version 'New Year's Party Song' though similar, has significant changes to the arrangement. I think it's an improvement on the 2022 version.

I'm working n EP of cover songs The likely track list is five from - 'Like A Hurricane' (Neil Young), 'I'm a Believer' (The Monkeys, also Neil Diamond), 'I Shall Be Released' (The Band/Bob Dylan)', Imagine' (John Lennon), 'Use Somebody' (Kings of Leon), and  'Meet Me On The Corner' (Lindisfarne, also Paul Gascoigne).

I've been performing the first three songs listed above live for many years. 'Meet Me on the Corner' and  'Use Somebody' were added to my repertoire after 2017. That was when I stopped playing live, except very occasionally, but I have performed both of them live a few times. I added 'Imagine' about 3 months ago, I've never performed it in front of an audience. However, I jam around songs in a trio weekly (sometimes with an extra player or two) and we have covered 'Imagine' several times. I guess I’ve started singing ‘Imagine’, at least in part, because of the horrors of the two wars that have had prominent coverage in the UK during 2023.

I hope to release the EP of cover song in the spring, though only on Spotify and a few other platforms that manage copyright. My 2nd album is progressing nicely. As I've already predicted it would be released in 2022, and then in 2023, I'm not making any more predictions!

If you'd like to hear 'New Year's Party Song' the Spotify link is  Currently it's also on my website (2nd song)   Music | Dave Vamfer

Wishing you a Happy New Year.

Best wishes.



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