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(V)=also on video (YouTube)

'Dave Vamfer should be on your playlist and in your ears.' Joshua Macala,  'Raised on Cassettes'

Dave's full catalogue is on Spotify, most other music platforms have selected tracks.
New Year's Party Song2-300.jpg

New Year's Party Song  single 15Nov23

New Years Song-300.jpg

New Year's Song  single 15Nov22

Tricks of Life Medley-300.jpg

Tricks of Life Medley  single 23Mar22

KOC-EDM 300.jpg

Keep On Coming - EDM (V)  single 7Jan22

Corona Blues-300.jpg

Corona Blues (V)  single 27Dec20

Big Mama Don't Allow!-300.jpg

Big Mama Don't Allow!  single 30Nov20

Jingle Bells Xmas 2022 - 300.jpg

Jingle Bells Xmas  single 17Nov20

Find The Sound cover 22-300.jpg

Find The Sound  album 18June20

Find The Sound - Keep On Coming - So Happy,

Because We're Ending (V) - Waiting a Lifetime,

Dark Dawn Blues - Scarborough Fair - If There's A Purpose? 

Trying To Find The Sound live (V) - Because We're Ending Reprise

IFTAP-round single 1425sq-CP.jpg

If There's A Purpose? – short (V) single 18Jun20

DDB round single-3000sq-CP.jpg

Dark Dawn Blues – single edit   single 18June20

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