(V)=also on video
Tricks of Life Medley-300.jpg

Tricks of Life Medley   single 23Mar22


Keep On Coming -  edm (V)  single 7Jan22

Corona Blues.jpg

Corona Blues (V)  single 27Dec20

Big Mama Don't Allow!-300.jpg

Big Mama Don't Allow!  single 30Nov20

Jingle Bells Xmas 2022-300.jpg

Jingle Bells Xmas  single 17Nov20

Find The Sound cover 22-300.jpg

Find The Sound  album 18June20

Find The Sound - Keep On Coming - So Happy,

Because We're Ending(V) - Waiting a Lifetime(V),

Dark Dawn Blues - Scarborough Fair - If There's A Purpose? 

Trying To Find The Sound live - Because We're Ending Reprise

IFTAP-round single 1425sq-CP.jpg

If There's A Purpose? – short  (V) single 18Jun20

DDB round single-3000sq-CP.jpg

Dark Dawn Blues – single edit   single 18June20

So Happy Acoustic cover 22-300.jpg

So Happy - acoustic   single 21May18